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The sulfur in biogas mainly exists in the form of H2S and contains less organic sulfur. There are many ways to remove hydrogen sulfide, generally including dry desulfurization, wet desulfurization and biological desulfurization.
(1) Wet desulfurization
Wet desulfurization is to remove H2S by countercurrent contact between specific solvent and gas. The solvent is re absorbed after regeneration. According to different absorption mechanisms, it is divided into chemical absorption method, physical absorption method, physical-chemical absorption method and wet oxidation method. Wet oxidation method has high desulfurization efficiency, recyclable elemental sulfur, simple process, regeneration of most desulfurizers and low operation cost; At the same time, the method has complex process, large investment and is suitable for occasions with large gas treatment capacity and high H2S content.、
(2) Dry desulfurization
Dry desulfurization is usually used for low sulfur gas treatment, especially for fine gas desulfurization. Most dry desulfurization processes cannot continue to operate because the desulfurizer needs to be replaced. For some dry processes, such as manganese ore process, zinc oxide process, iron oxide, activated carbon, etc., the desulfurizer cannot be regenerated or the regeneration times are few. After desulfurization is saturated, it will be abandoned, which will cause environmental problems on the one hand and increase the desulfurization cost on the other hand.
(3) Biological desulfurization
Based on the capacity of various microorganisms, biological desulfurization system uses the life activities of microorganisms to convert organic pollution into compounds harmless to human health and ecological environment. Biological method is often used to produce sulfide in sewage treatment projects. Biological desulfurization technology includes biological filtration, biological adsorption and biological trickle filtration. The three systems are open systems, and their microbial populations change with the change of environment. In the biological desulfurization process, the oxidized sulfur-containing pollutants must be first reduced to sulfide or H2S, and then oxidized to elemental sulfur.
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