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Biogas purification to produce biological natural gas is a new renewable energy. Biogas contains hydrogen sulfide with the molecular formula of H2S. Hydrogen sulfide is a flammable hazardous chemical. It can form an explosive mixture when mixed with air. It can cause combustion and explosion in case of open fire and high heat. In addition, hydrogen sulfide will have strong corrosion characteristics on steel in case of water, Therefore, the core of the pretreatment process of biogas purification and purification of biological natural gas is the removal of hydrogen sulfide.
Natural gas is a green, low-carbon, clean and environment-friendly renewable gas obtained by purification and purification of biogas, which is basically consistent with the composition and calorific value of conventional natural gas. Its use has opened up new application fields for the traditional biogas industry, improved the economy of the traditional biogas project, promoted the sustainability and stability of the operation of the biogas project, and has broad market prospects.
Different types of biogas purification technologies are compared, and the advantages and disadvantages of various technologies are analyzed from different angles; By analyzing the raw material supply market and the current situation of China's natural gas market, this paper expounds the market opportunities and challenges faced by the current biological natural gas industry, in order to provide some reference for the development of China's biological natural gas industry.
In recent years, with the continuous urgency of global resource storage and the increasing pressure of environmental governance, more and more biogas purification projects have been constructed, which is very in line with the current situation of new resources for the development and utilization of new energy. It is an inevitable direction for the development of energy field in the future and a very important measure.
Because China's natural gas is currently in a stage of rapid development, and the supply and consumption are increasing rapidly, there is often a shortage of natural gas. In order to deal with this situation, and out of the dual thinking of energy and environmental problems, the research and development of biogas purification to produce biological natural gas can not only realize high-yield natural gas resources, but also achieve a more prominent role in environmental protection.
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