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In recent years, people pay more and more attention to energy. As a clean energy, biogas has attracted the attention of all sectors of society. The utilization of biogas can optimize the utilization of resources, which is in line with China's sustainable development strategy. Combined with the actual situation, the purification of biogas in the utilization of biogas can make the limited utilization of biogas.
Biological natural gas is a green, low-carbon, clean and environment-friendly renewable gas obtained by purification and purification of biogas, which is basically consistent with the composition and calorific value of conventional natural gas. Its use has opened up new application fields for the traditional biogas industry, improved the economy of the traditional biogas project, promoted the sustainability and stability of the operation of the biogas project, and the increase of human demand for natural gas has promoted the development of biogas purification to natural gas, making the technology of biogas purification to natural gas have broad market prospects.
Biogas is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide, and also contains a small amount of water, hydrogen sulfide, organic sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and other impurities. Through the purification and purification of biogas, the high-purity methane gas obtained by separating CO2 from the mixture is called biological natural gas, which can produce high-quality biological natural gas and can be directly used as an alternative fuel for Petrochemical Natural gas. Because biogas is a clean and renewable energy, it is widely used, cheap and easy to obtain. It has replaced the use of natural gas.
The production equipment for purifying biogas to produce natural gas mainly depends on large and medium-sized biogas fermentation system engineering or waste treatment landfill. Biogas can be obtained by anaerobic fermentation of domestic and learning waste, kitchen waste, animal manure, crop straw and other biomass, and then we purify biogas by membrane separation method to improve the quality of natural gas.
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